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Canadian Bred Protection Dogs Since 1988

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Why Boss?

Boss Protection Dogs has a unique and successful customized training program that ensures all Our dogs meet the standards of the clients. Using the basis of psychology, our trainers first gain trust and respect of the dogs. The initial step of the program is the bonding period. Since we do not use treats, toys or tugs to train, a strong trainer/dog bond is necessary to motivate the dog to want to work and learn

One-Of-A-Kind Training Program

Boss Protection Dogs has a training program like no other because we DON’T sell sporting dogs, we sell functional protection dogs. Even when fully trained, they undergo daily practice in obedience, protection and agility to keep their skills sharp. They have been socialized with children and other animals so they can fit right in with your family and household. Unlike other protection dog training programs all of our personal protection dogs are trained for food refusal.

More Than Just A Protection Dog

Consider including Personal and Family Protection Dogs 2-3 day handling course where the dog will learn to respond to you as well as he responds to our trainers. Personal delivery to your home or office as well as the following;

  • Our trained dogs come with the strongest unconditional guarantee in the business.
  • Access to professional trainers for the life of your canine
  • Tailor-made package for your individual needs.
  • A complete and comprehensive video of the handler training course for your future reference. We offer refresher courses following the delivery.

Our Commitment

We are a nature loving, animal loving family of 6 in Alberta, Canada. We have been training elite police and protection dogs for 30 years. We are new to offering our services online in 2020, the demand for our dogs is at an all time high and we are so proud.

We are best know for customizing our training for each buyer. We are not in a rush. We wait for the right family/dog combo. Tell us about your goals and unique lifestyle dynamic.

Raising Protection Dogs, with a focus on the wonderful Giant Schnauzer and West German Shepard, producing well bred puppies is my passion. I am committed to making sure they are well taken care of their entire lives. This includes being there for the people who become a part of the Boss Protection Dog family. My promise is to make myself available for the lifetime of your dog.

Over the last 30 years our dogs have proven themselves, time and time again.

We have been loyal to some of the finest European bloodlines and made them our own. We are now over six generations deep into our breeding program that we started just over three decades ago. Our lines are a combination of working and show lines from around the world, but at this point they are uniquely “Our Bloodlines”.

Buy Yourself The Best

protection dog, Trained giant schnauzer, Executive trained dog, guard dog for sale

We have the best traits of size and looks from the show lines and the working ability health and longevity from the police, herding and sport dog bloodlines. From this we have developed our own line of working dogs that are exceptional on the field, but also calm and easy to manage in the home.

We specialize in breeding dogs that are first and foremost home companion dogs, but that are also very confident and naturally protective. Additionally, our dogs will also make anyone proud in a fiercely protective manner if the situation arises-you and your family will be safe. All of our breeding stock is trained, titled and health tested for breed worthiness. All of our dogs live in homes, not in cages.

Boss Protection Dogs represents the third generation of our bloodline. Boss Protection has been building over a thirty year period, being established on the best European bloodlines available to us. Our foundation bitch was Stacia von Westfork, daughter of Achat von Ollensteiner Fels, and granddaughter of Lasso di val Sol. Stacia was a multi-purpose dog that was talented in many disciplines, such as search and rescue, tracking, obedience, protection, drug work and therapy. She raised five litters of pups, four kids, and one kitten. She was best known for her phenomenal training.