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Protection as a Duty, Your Canine Bodyguard

Boss Protection Dogs uses very unique and specific training methods. Unlike the traditional protection dog training methods used by our competitors, which is to train a dog using protection as a game, our dogs are trained in defensive protection techniques from a very young age. You do not consider your personal safety, or that of your family as a game, nor should your protection dog. This is why we rarely use a towel, tug or sleeve when starting our puppies in bite development. Our dogs are trained to defend for the right reasons, much like a human bodyguard. From a young age, our dogs are trained to recognize behavior that could be threatening to the person or family they are protecting and will defend them with strength and courage.

When we have our initial intake please tell me about your lifestyle, do you travel a lot, do you work from home, or do you work from multiple locations, are you often in the water, are you in helicopters any information will ensure we train your dog – for you.