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We customize our dogs training to your dynamic lifestyle.

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id="post-54">DOGS CUSTOM TRAINING For Every Family

Boss Protection Dogs has two training programs to choose from.

1-Adult Dog who is mostly gained but needs additional training for your specific goals.

2-A puppy who we will train for you from go. Do you just want the basic obedience or full elite protection? At this age it’s up to you.

Personal Protection Dogs / Family Protection Dogs, and Customized Training for a more personalized program.

Our Protection Dogs Custom Training options are outlined below.

Custom Lifestyle

  • Protection dog training in English (sit, stay, down,come,heel, off)
  • Socialization with other domestic pets or livestock
  • Uses specific area of property to relieve themselves (Potty trained)
  • Relieves themselves on command
  • Tailored program for special needs(cognitive or physical)
  • Exposure to aircraft
  • Exposure to marine travel
  • Traveling unrestrained in a vehicle
  • Holding a down stay in an office environment such as under your desk
  • tell us what else you need us to add for your dynamic


  • Child protection program
  • Vehicle hijack prevention
  • Aggression alert
  • Aggression alert in the sit position
  • Targeting the weapon hand
  • Exposure to live gunfire, fire, smoke, and explosives
  • Biting on an elevated surface such as the roof of a vehicle
  • Crowd control
  • Muzzle work
  • Food refusal
  • Article guarding
  • Guarding surrounding premises
  • drowning Recovery

Scent Work

  • Man scent tracking
  • Lost child recovery
  • Building search
  • Article search such as wallets, cell phones, keys