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In a world where home invasions, armed robberies, kidnappings, sexual assaults, car jackings, and gun violence can occur at any moment, parents are on high alert when it comes to defending their families and keeping them safe. After all, there’s nothing more important or valuable in life than family. One of the best ways to guard your home, belongings, and family from harm is by adopting a family protection dog. At Boss Protection Dogs, we are committed to providing families with extensively trained dogs that are not only obedient and protective, but excellent companions as well.

What is a Family Protection Dog?

A family protection dog is a highly trained dog that has been conditioned to respond both on command and in response to aggression in order to protect you and your family, fully integrated into families the same way that other pet dogs do, but with a strong instinct to guard and protect the ones they love. Contrary to guard dogs and watch dogs, a family protection dog’s job is not only to protect, but to befriend as well. You can think of your personal protection dog as a best friend that would do anything to deter possible harm.

A family guard dog can serve several different roles, including:

  • An everyday companion and pet
  • A dependable home security system
  • A personal bodyguard during late night errands and outdoor workouts
  • A vigilant guardian of children during outdoor play
  • An extra set of loyal eyes constantly monitoring your children, home, and belongings

This option would be if you purchased a puppy and only wanted the obedience training.