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Our young dogs for sale are trained and ready for pick-up or delivery. Transfer of ownership of a young dog is not much different than that of a puppy. From their perspective, they are still looking for a permanent family or person to bond. Even though, their primary method of communication is through body language, Dogs with a proper character and good training willingly respond to known verbal commands.

Our young dogs for sale have especially well-developed strong nerves, with a strong desire to perform and please their handlers. Most problems between dogs and their owner are directly related to their inability to communicate. Bringing a young dog into the home that knows how to respond to human language is much easier than bringing in an untrained dog. The process of acquiring one of the Boss young dogs for sale is easy to facilitate. We make all of the arrangements for the delivery of your new dog, to any airport of your choice.

These Dogs will have completed are off lead Advanced Obedience course. They will have completed our advance agility course and advanced Man Scent Tracking. They are trained under extreme stress such as loud verbal belligerent hostile confrontations with individuals carrying canes or other weapons. This ensures the stability of the dogs. They will have started in they’re training to be placed as protection dogs.